Here we share with you our recent projects and some of our team initiatives.

Celebrating Community and Sportsmanship: Chill Merchants Sponsors the 'Battle of the Islands' Touch Football Carnival

Chill Merchants is proud to be supporting a local Touch Football team on Thursday Island in an upcoming Carnival.

Harnessing the Power of UV Light in HVAC-R Systems: A Game-Changer for Improved Comfort and Health

Learn about UV Light in HVAC-R systems including benefits and considerations in your installation.

Promoting Wellness and Resilience: The Healthy Tradie Workshop at Chill Merchants

The Chill Merchants team recently took a side step from designing and installing HVAC-R systems to reflect on the lifestyle of a tradie, learning a few practices to put in place for an improved lifestyle.

Understanding HVAC-R Systems: Keeping Comfort and Climate Control in Check

An overview of HVAC-R systems and benefits. If you're new to the benefits of these systems or looking to learn more about the process for installation, then please read on.



Here we share with you a few insights into the HVAC-R system installations process, and our recent projects, including the initiatives undertaken by our team.