Promoting Wellness and Resilience: The Healthy Tradie Workshop at Chill Merchants

December 4, 2023

At Chill Merchants, we're not just about delivering top-notch service to our clients; we're equally committed to ensuring the health and well-being of our people. Recently, we had an opportunity to take some time out to further the education of our team, and the story is one we’d like to share. 

The life of a tradie can be pretty gruelling. Long hours and intense time pressure can take a toll on their well-being. Sadly, every second day in Australia, a construction worker loses their life to suicide. This statistic is seldom discussed, and it's clear that we need to do more to prioritise the health and wellness of our construction industry.

In September, Chill Merchants partnered with The Healthy Tradie Project to organise a transformative on-site workshop in Brisbane for our team members. Philippa Seldon, the founder of The Healthy Tradie Project and someone with her own personal connection to the cause, believes that a healthier construction industry can significantly contribute to safety and suicide prevention among blue-collar workers. As a Health and Nutrition Coach, Breath work, and Yoga Practitioner, Pip is determined to bring positive change to the industry through education and training delivered through a series of workshops.

For our event, Pip hosted alongside Jodi Allen, a clinical nutritionist and yoga teacher from Brisbane. Jodi, a long-time meditator with a military background, advocates for using nutrition, movement, and mindfulness-based interventions to enhance physical and mental health. She brings her expertise to various high-level teams, including Australian Special Forces, military veterans, and first responders who face significant psychological and physical stress due to service.

The Chill Merchants team participated in the ‘The Healthy Tradie’ workshop, a 90-minute on-site session focusing on up-skilling in areas to maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage stressful situations. The session had a focus on six core principles: Movement, Nutrition, Mindset, Recovery, Sun, and Play. It was pleasing to see the way the guys bought into the session with a holistic focus designed to empower our team. For some, a new exercise was learned- yoga. Used widely by professional athletes and highly regarded for its stress-relieving abilities, it’s a form of exercise that Pip and Jodi believe provides lasting positive physical and mental outcomes.

From this workshop, our guys and girls gained valuable skills and breathing techniques that they could integrate into their everyday lives. Additionally, they received a list of industry contacts, including TIACS, a foundation that offers free phone and text support to tradies. 

For managing director Mark Merchant, the session proved to be a good team bonding event as well as the foundation to put in place positive new habits. 

"For us, scheduling this time in for the team is important. I would have loved to have someone teach me these foundational skills when I was starting out.  This workshop wasn't just about work; it was about promoting a healthier lifestyle for our team. We’re immensely pleased to have had the HTP team join us to help out. We think the work they do is really valuable for trades of all levels."

The feedback from the workshop was overwhelmingly positive. Our team quickly embraced yoga, and even weeks after the course ended, they continued to chat through what they learned. 

At Chill Merchants, we recognise the importance of holistic well-being. Our partnership with The Healthy Tradie Project is just one step towards promoting a healthier workforce to the benefit of our team members and, indirectly, our clients. We are dedicated to continuing this journey and making a meaningful difference in the lives of our team members.

For more on the Healthy Tradie project, you can contact the Healthy Tradie project team here.

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